The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging on all facets of life and, even though the President has announced a measured re-opening of the economy, there are still many challenges that businesses will face.

The President has recommended that those that can work from home continue to do so. Our GZD solutions enable a safe, secure Work From Home environment to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum and the productivity levels of your business at a maximum. 

Let us continue to stay at home and let us continue to stay safe.

– President Ramaphosa 

Key Elements for Working From Home

Cloud Computing

Implementing a cloud strategy means that employees can telecommute at any stage – either under special circumstances or as a permanent solution. There are many other benefits to operating a business from a secure cloud environment, such as increased efficiencies, managed security and disaster recovery.

Security and Connectivity

Employees can only perform if their work-from-home environment is conducive to productivity.  The right infrastructure is crucial, a decent and stable internet connection, a secure connection and secure end-points to ensure that company information is not compromised. 

Communication and Collaboration

Keep your team connected by ensuring that all employees have access to the same, secure communication and file sharing platform such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Holding regular meetings and discussions via a video platform is essential for team morale and productivity. 

But beyond the company, these tools are also essential to communicating with customers and suppliers securely in what has quickly become the new normal for meetings.

GZD’s Voice over IP solution also untethers your landline from your building to any internet connected device or WFH office to ensure the landline can always be answered no matter where your team is connected.

GZD’s Cloud Solutions

Hand crafted and ready-to-use

At GZD, we have simplified the process of migrating to the Cloud, making the journey as seamless as possible for both our customers and partners. 


Our Cloud apps and desktops are sold on a unique per-user basis. 

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