Previously we discussed the importance of implementing a cybersecurity strategy to protect you and your business.  Here we look at the second step to include in your strategy.

The most important step in managing cybersecurity risks is training the users.

Some of the main types of cyberthreats businesses face are through email attacks. These attacks can be in the form of phishing scams, targeted threats, bad attachments or links to malicious websites. If your users are allowing these threats to come in through ignorance or lack of awareness, then no amount of technology will guarantee your company’s security.

Cybersecurity awareness training will teach employees to proactively identify cyberthreats and take appropriate action to protect themselves and the company from any potential consequences.

In addition to training and awareness, your cybersecurity strategy should include implementation of a Mail Hygiene Solution such as Mimecast.

Global Z-Data has been protecting organisations throughout South Africa for many years through our partnership with Mimecast, which is a key aspect in ensuring that our client networks are protected.

In the video above, Mimecast explains cyber-attackers and cyber resilience for email.

The following stats show how Mimecast protected GZD’s own emails over just one month:

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