Global Z-Data has been working closely with Zero2Five Trust and Uzwelo Bags to ensure that each year we make improvements for Inchanga Primary School and its learners.

Over the December holidays, our teams took a day to spruce up the school environment with fresh coats of paint and new educational tools before the new school year. It was great to go back there today to see their happy faces.

Today we handed out backpacks that Global Z-DataCLOUD29Flamite Pty LtdMentor Shipping Agency and GovCo Solutions sponsored. These uniquely South African backpacks with built-in ponchos are made by Uzwelo Bags, which supports local communities and non-profit organisations.

The excited scholars celebrated and thanked us with songs, dance and high fives. We hope that they feel love and pride for themselves and their learning facilities!

Zero2Five Trust is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote holistic Early Childhood development in disadvantaged areas. They improve the learners’ health and education outcomes through nutrition and education programmes.

Uzwelo Bags works with Expand a Sign, using waste fabric to create colourful and affordable bags. Ladies in local communities are trained to produce the bags and earn a living to support their families, and proceeds from bag sales go towards non-profit organisations.